Monzante Memorial Fundraising Challenge to Benefit Horse Rescues

FINAL Fundraising Totals for the Monzante Memorial Fundraising Challenge

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Monzante Memorial Fundraising Challenge

August 1, 2013

It was just 10 days ago that a few people on twitter had an idea: Let’s turn a tragedy into a legacy. I didn’t know how we would pull it off or if we were even capable of pulling off a spur of the moment fundraiser but we did! We simply asked regular people to form teams to support local retired racehorse rescues and people responded. From Team Canter in California, who helped lead an all-out social media blitz to make people aware of the Monzante Memorial Fundraising Challenge (#MMFC on twitter) to a woman in Canada who started a team to support retired standardbred horses.

Then, the donations started coming in and each contribution opened our eyes to how many people actually cared about the welfare of these horses and supporting the agencies that care for them after their careers on the track are over. There were $5 donations, some $10 donations and a lot more that came in between $20-$50. Then there were the $200+ donations and the one man who donated his entire paycheck last week to benefit the Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue.  Each contribution meant something, especially because I personally know that many came from people who don’t have much to spare. I’m so grateful for every dollar donated and I know that the rescues we’re supporting feel equally blessed. So, without further adieu, here are the totals for each team who participated in the Monzante Memorial Fundraising Challenge.



TEAM DANONYMOUS -Raising funds for Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue based in Maryland


A big portion of that total came from a man who donated his entire paycheck to our team last week. THANK YOU.

And since Team Danonymous also won the “challenge” part of the fundraiser, there will also be prizes for some of our donors. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to secure those prizes yet. So, stay tuned…

Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue tells us it usually costs about $500 to retire a horse. With the money raised, the rescue now has the ability to take on several more horses, as soon as there’s room (the rescue currently cares for 20 horses).




TEAM CANTER CALIFORNIA – Raising funds for CANTER and racehorse retirement in California


Here’s a note from CANTER CA:

What made this so special – is a lot of the donations came from Horse Racing Enthusiasts.  The words of support were overwhelming! It really puts the winds in your sails… 

We thank you again!  We have a list of donors on our web page.  We also created a “note” on Facebook showing some “success” stories of horses similar to Monzante… but with happy endings. Hope you can take a look!


TEAM BEYCHOK – Raising Funds for the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association


We send a big “thank you” Michael Beychok for not only putting together Team Beychok but also matching donations made via sales of his handicapping selections last week. Thank you!


TEAM REMEMBER ME RESCUE – Raising funds for Remember Me Rescue in Texas


With the funds raised, Remember Me Rescue has already been able to retire a horse, named Skippy Due!

Here’s a note from Remember Me Rescue:

Our all stars are Melissa Wright and Black Halo (former RMR horse and champion jumper) who donated $250 and Jane Castruccio $100. The rest of the donations came from the backbone of our organization, the people that can only afford to donate $10 or $20, but never fail us when we ask for help.

What a great idea this was. Kudos to you and everyone who wants to make a difference so that there will be no more Monzante’s.


TEAM FRIENDS OF FERDINAND — Raising funds for Friends of Ferdinand based in Indiana



TEAM BRIGHT FUTURES — Raising funds for Bright Futures Farm horse rescue in Pennsylvania



TEAM STANDARDBRED GAL — Raising funds for the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society



TEAM SECOND CHANCE – Raising funds for Second Chance Thoroughbreds in New York



TEAM NORTHSTAR – Raising funds for Northstar Horse Rescue in Maine


Team Northstar entered the fundraiser late (yesterday!). They still need your help. So, keep those donations coming. Here’s a note we got from them:

As of right now, we’ve got 15 dollars! I’m sending out a challenge to get us to at least fifty by tonight…but hey, that’s a bag of grain! …

We’re trying to raise money so we can complete sitework so that we can expand by two more stalls and continue our work here in Maine rehabbing, retraining, and rehoming OTTBs and young horses that did not make it to the track. As well as whoever else comes along. 
Our contact at the rescue is Elizabeth Dickerson (me) 
Phone number is 207-317-7565
twitter account is @mainefilly

And our website is




And we’re still awaiting final totals from two teams. So, our grand total will be higher!



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